Shield Bash 1 (Warrior Prot PvP with a PvE Spec) by Kaktus
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Illidan ( Cataclysme )
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Movie Summary
My first pvp video with a Pve spec.
I'm currently a warrior prot with normal tanking gear and i wanted some fun so i decided to do some pvp with a pve spec. The result is quite good and i win most of my 1vs1 fight. I'm not saying Warrior Prot is good for pvp, i'm just saying it can be fun. Plus when you'r killing someone, the defeated guy will probably delete his character knwoing he got killed by a Prot Warrior.

This video is not made to see some big crit or is not made to beat the shieldbash record, or i would have put some point in fury to get enrage, deathwish etc..., in fact it just show a normal day in a Pve warrior doing some PvP.

The essence of pvping with a prot pve spec is to stay alive the longest amount of time possible. Our main Damage ressource come from ShieldSlam, but ShieldBash as a title sounded better.

I recorded all of thoses fight in 1 night, so dont expect to see some imba skill and some 5vs1 fight.

Hope you ll enjoy this video..
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