Black Temple - Episode One by Muqq
Class: Priest | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Magtheridon ( Conviction )
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Movie Summary
This movie features the first segment of Black Temple, and contains footage from my guild (Nihilum) fighting the first 3 bosses (Naj'Entus, Supremus and Akama), aswell as some of the mobs and scenery inbetween. It's made for people who have never set a foot in Black Temple, and were curious how it is for a guild, and especially a shadowpriest raiding it.

For the other episodes of this triology, check:

Black Temple - Episode 2
Black Temple - Episode 3

Most of the footage featured in the movie has the PoV from myself, a shadowpriest, but also contains some non-ui segments for entertainment purposes. This is the first movie I've ever made, so please excuse the noobness you may experience while watching it :D I did throw in some cinematic parts to make the movie a bit more exciting, as you've no doubt already seen movies of these bosses being killed before.

Please note that the movie does not contain the full bossfights, but only a bit of footage from each and every one. It's also NOT an official Nihilum movie by any means, only a project I worked with on my spare time, so don't expect the same high quality as you've come to expect from the Nihilum movies. The music in the movie is almost exclusively trance, so if you dont like it, that's too bad :D

This is the first part of a triology, and the second and third part will be released in a few days from now, as they are already completed. It's encoded in divx6, so if you can't view the movie, go download the codec at I added a link for livestream, but if possible, please get the downloadable version instead, it's worth watching it in high quality.

Loken - Monday A.M. (Airbase Remix)
Mogwai - Auto Rock
East Coast - We Are United (Cream Team Remix)
Ratty Sunrise (Here I Am)
Armin - Communication (Quake Remix)
The Freak - The Melody The Sound (Flutlicht Remix)
Chemical Brothers - Replacement Killers

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