CashGrinding Uldaman - Non-Epic geared ShadowPriest by Djodai
Class: Priest | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Daggerspine ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
I watched DForsaken's "80-150 gold per hour? Priest Farming!" movie about how it was possible to sneak past all the mobs in Uldaman and getting to Galgan Firehammer, grinding him for disenchantable items. I immediatly fell for the idea and started trying it out myself on my own UD ShadowPriest. Either, I just plain suck or he had way better equipment than me, because I was always running out of mana before the boss was near dead and wiped.

So I re-specced, tried again and here's my version of how you can do this without having the best equipment available. As with DForsaken, this is also MY first movie, so do be gentle.. :)

PS: This IS an instruction-movie, not an action-packed "one kill every 5 second" flick. There are sections of this movie filled with text, but they are there in order to better help you grind up that gold we all love so much. If you want action, go to the "PvP" or "Battlegrounds" section under "Category".. :)

Comments are very (read: very) welcome! :).
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