Jangu's Adventures: Gnomeregan by footsteps
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - The Sha'tar ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
The short: Gnomeregan soloed from start to finish, with no exploits, by an untwinked 30-32 troll hunter.

The long: originally I planned to just slap a few songs on the clips and be done with it, but I had so much fun piecing the whole thing together that I decided to sync up the music a little and create a Monkey Island-inspired intro. Because Gnomeregan is so long, it was very difficult to balance quality and file size with movie length, but I think I reached a good compromise.

About Jangu: Jangu is a little RP alt I made on a fresh server with the sole purpose of seeing how far a pure solo hunter could go. All of his items, except for the Outrider's bows which he grinds for every tier, were obtained solo. He also soloed WC and most of BFD, but they were way too boring to turn into movies.

Note: apologies for the constant camera turning. Alarm bots and patrols respawn fast in Gnomer so it's important to always look over your shoulder there.

Note2: if you're a hunter and want to try this, don't be stupid like me and take a bird with screech :P..
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