Karazhan Movie - The Last Guardian by Crim
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Movie Summary
Hello everybody,

here I come to submit you a special movie. Well, special but not so special. Some of you could say it's just a Karazhan movie with bosses, etc. but I say no.

The introduction is entirely made with modelviewer, I added special effects and every capture you'll see are completely recolored. I had a very close look at the soundtrack. This time I tried to make something new. You will no longer need to read at the beginning, pictures will tell you everything, and very quickly.

From Blackwing Lair to Naxxramas with the Harmonia videos, I will this time show you what happened in a place a lot of people now fight : Karazhan. Many people don't know what really happened there, and what role did the Master of this tower play a long time ago. The title "The Last Guardian" is taken from the book just because it perfectly shows us who Medivh really was. Now you know where you fight or who you fight ;)

This video IS NOT an adaptation from the book (even if the idea sounds really good to me wait and see ^^), but a Karazhan movie where I put some scenes you can read in the book (such as in the introduction)

I tried to do my best on this movie, and I really... really hope you will enjoy watching it as I created it.

Take some pop corn, a cola, sit down, turn the light off and discover Karazhan - The Last Guardian.
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