Ginga's PoV - Fractured Vs. Fathom-Lord Karathress by Ginga1
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Bloodscalp ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary

This is my very first PvE video since i dont like making em too much, maybe we see some more in future :<
My spec is Mutilate ( 41/20/0 ) and theres lotsa more PvP talents than PvE, like no 3/3 ISnD no IPoisons and so on.
I bought 2x S2 maces first but got bored oh hammering SS all the way so I wrote a QQ ticket and got my points refunded and bought the S2 Shanker.
There is shitloads of fuckups by me in there, need to learn to raid with mutilate :<
Some people might wonder why im not Combat Daggers specd but as most uf us know that just fail in PvP and it fails HARD !
Now I didnt put much effort in to this movie at all, I frapsed it and Edited/Rendered/Uploaded it in about 4 hours or so.
This is also coz Im busy with Ginga VOl. III which is prolly gonna errr...nvm :<

Armory Link -
Thats prolly with my PvP/Hybrid gear tho.

Anyways I hope you can enjoy this if thats possible when its about PvE videos with me in it =/.
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