Redemption: The Corruptors by Dragonwhelp Productions
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Movie Summary
Shortly after the third war, a group of alliance soldiers were sent to Kalimdor. Two of the members of this group were the gnome Prachanda and the warrior Rohario. During this mission they faced a Horde force in battle. During this battle, Rohario and Prachanda were killed.
Now, several years later they rise from the dead. Knowing nothing of what happened, they set out on a quest to find the source of their resurrection. This marks the beginning of a great adventure, featuring love, action and of course evil villains.

This is the first part in the Redemption trilogy by DragonWhelp Productions. This is our first serious project. It began in February when Emil Karlsson (me) started to write the script. Since then I’ve been directing the recordings with the actors, recording voices and of course done a shit load of editing. But neither could have been done without the help of Markus Karlsson (not my brother) who has helped correct a lot mistakes, voicing several characters, given feedback and visual (and details) advice. The spelling correction was also done by him, but it seems like he missed some things :p). During the period of making this movie we learned A LOT, and this has made the movie much better than we first though it would be. We really hope that people will get their eyes up for this trilogy so that we can do large scale recordings (á la Tales of the past).

We strongly suggest you download this movie and watch it on full screen. Watching it on live stream makes you miss about 75% of the content.

We would also like to thank the group Static for letting us use their song "We should not be where we are" (which is used in the credits)! Be sure to check them out at:

And please, no downrating even if you are bored. We’d appreciate critisism, but critisise in a helpful way, to make us improve! Giving “OMG SUCKYSUCKL2EDIT NOOB” comments doesn’t help anyone.

We hope you enjoy the movie just as much as we enjoyed making it (which is a lot!)!
Are you still reading? Go watch the movie!!! :D
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