Howto: 50g/half hour(minimum) by Katastrophic
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : US - Stormreaver ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Just how I farm 50g/half hour.

Chest Usual(90%) drops:
BoE green/blue
Potion or Scroll
Gem green/blue

10% of the time it skips a gem.

Mages CAN do this, although it is a rogue chest as it can be locked (preferably herb as Fel Flower? I dunno, and Ancient Lichen spawn near it)

You may notice I almost died, if I wanted to I could have jumped into the water and waiting for no combat and regen, although I didn't need to. (53 hp live FTW!)

I know this may not be the best way to farm but I like how if I want to stop farming and pvp, I just leave the instance and do it...

Edit: This is an instructional movie, not for entertainment purposes....
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