Ironforge Lapping by Venorize
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Anetheron ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary
My server is DEAD.. I can prove it....

This used to be a game on my old server, before tbc... I got bored and tried to bring it back today...

How to play:
Horde, you run into ironforge, and make as many laps as you can around the outer circle of the city. No cheating, no cutting through, no exiting the city. Full laps, as many as you can, WITHOUT DYING.
1 Lap = 10 Points
1 lvl 70 HK = 8 Points
Being Dazed = -3 Points

My score is 104, good luck beating it. Enjoy the movie and if you have fraps, go try to beat my record, its more fun than it seems! World PvP FtW! (note: spamming the enemy helps taunt them towards you, makes the video more interesting with alliance chasing you down throughout their own city :P)

The point of this movie is though, how dead my server really is.... that I can do this and not get attacked? Geez

Note: Please stop asking for my UI, if you want it, get the updated versions of the mods listed in my post here:
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