SonyDigital Warrior Duelist by sonydigital
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Nordrassil ( Emberstorm )
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Movie Summary
Hey guys, I finally got around to completing my first wow movie, In this film I tried to do something different than the rest of the Warrior movies out there, I know many of them are focused on world pvp/arena and this is where mine veers. I strictly filmed all duels in this movie and while some may say that duels dont show skill I filmed myself engaging some of the best players of each class or at least the ones I could get a hold of on the blackrock server both horde and alliance. I think this film shows a different aspect about how the warrior class adapts to each other class in a 1v1 environment and I attempted to play the class to its fullest potential in each given environment. There is no use of pots, or engineering in this film.

Duels feat:

Cabosco - 70 alliance frost mage
Loz- 70 alliance rogue - Eminence - 5v5 = 2224
Joobei- 70 undead warrior - Nurfed - 5v5 = 2247
Hazek - 70 Orc Hunter - 5v5 = 2212
Bloodlustzro - 70 Tauren feral druid
Changebeast - 70 Tauren feral druid - probably one of the top geared on our server.
Fault - 70 Orc Shaman
Wombatguy- 70 alliance aflliction lock

I want to sincerely thank everyone who participated in this video and everyone else who I play with in durotar :), while at the same time I would like to apologize to those people who don't have 2-3 duels with me as the film was getting a bit too large I had to cut some content out. Again I also put my opponents winning in the duels that I felt they played very well and executed the correct techniques to come out victorious, Once again I'm sorry if there are a few people I did not show winning I really had to shorten it on content not knowing if the length might get boring = /.

I featured duels vs a warrior also in this movie and the reason is because I feel that it doesn't always rely on crit streaks and such, if you use combos like trinket intercept / intercept warstomp (my mini version stunlock) it can really give you the edge in a duel. I didn't get around to finding a good shadow priest or paladin so sorry for that as well.

Anyways...I hope everyone enjoys this movie I put my best effort into it, and sorry for the editing this was my frist movie so dont flame on the editing too much ^^ Thankyou -SonyDigital.
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