Nilhien 2 - Priest Bait by Nilhien
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Lothar ( Ruin )
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**Edit: Some people have asked me for my UI, so I posted my AddOns and WTF folder, but you are on your own installing the files. Enjoy!**

After 2 months of filming and editing, here it is: Priest Bait.

I love pvp. I love all aspects of pvp, whether it is world pvp, battlegrounds or the arena. I guess this video is my attempt to bring my enjoyment to the WoW community. This video is 100% world pvp. The one interesting part is this was done on a pve server. Everyone I attacked either flagged at a pvp objective or flagged in front of me. The majority of the time I receive the first attack. In order to get most of these clips I had to run around heavily farmed areas flagged for pvp using myself as bait for world pvp, hence the name of the video, Priest Bait.

I attempted to include only clips that involved good opponents (good gear and skill), or 1vX. There are a few clips here an there that made the video more enjoyable to watch. I tried to keep the music flowing at all times and to match the video clips with the music. Everything is pretty chronological, so as the movie progresses my gear improves. The 2.1 patch occured in the middle of filming, so I decided to lengthen the movie a bit to get more of post-2.1 pvp recorded.

If you want to see my gear look me up on the armory, I am the only player in the US with my name. My pvp set has a lot of stam and resilience, the other set is my pve gear =D. Cheers and Enjoy!

**Note: This is a shadow priest pvp movie, if you don't like pvp or shadow priests you will not like this movie.**.
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