Leleth - Feral Druid BG Duel Arena by Leleth
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Lothar ( Verderbnis )
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Movie Summary
This feral-druid movie contains:

- Battlegrounds
- Duels
- 1on2 Arena (unrated)
- 5on5 Arena ([email protected] rating, placed 2nd this week)
- no storyline
- least possible editing

Watch the credits for music and addon listings.

About me:
I love the druid class. I played a druid since day one with a 6 month brake. I even switched to tauren for warstomp (PvP Server too). I tanked AQ40 way before any love to the class. I PvPed Rubix style in the beginning, but the class changed like no other. Today it is possible to compete even without warstomp and I am back to my very first character.

You still have to anticipate every move of your opponents. Reacting means death.

About the movie:
Do not turn it off if you do not like the first music track ^^.

The battleground footage is just average stuff. (Be aware, that a few scenes happened before the trinkt change)

The duels have been selected, because the outcome
was close, so expect some bigger mistakes. Feel free to sort them out.

My 5on5 arena team is currently fighting for the top spot. We finished 3rd first season. I recorded early in season 2. WoW is working pretty unstable for me, while fraps is running.

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