Reincarnation 4 - Mount Hyjal by Niamee
Class: Shaman | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
This is yet another raiding video from the point of view of my elemental shaman. My apologies for the white artifacts in some scenes, but I after attempting to re-encode the thing for the third time, I just can not figure out what is causing them.

This video shows:
- some of the trash waves
- Rage Winterchill
- Anetheron
- Kaz'Rogal
- Azgalor
- Archimonde

The Archimonde clip is not accelerated, not because I forgot to but because this is a fight that deserves being viewed in realtime. (And you can watch as Hybr gets our MT air bursted, everybody point and laugh at Hybr!)

My interface has changed throughout the video, but if you are interested, the latest incarnation is downloadable from the mirrors list on the left.

After spending good 3 hours fiddling with music, I finally gave up and stuck a pre-mixed set into the whole thing. VA - The The World's Greatest Trance - Tech Trance (CD2). The movie starts with the second song.

There is no outtake but I answered some of the most frequently asked questions during the transition from the alliance camp to the horde camp.

Any complainers about quality may donate towards my new PC fond, because this is as good as it gets with my system. :)

A short explanation before my comment below possibly gets scrolled off...
This series started out as a showcase for the capabilities of my class, but now as elemental shamans are broadly accepted as a good raid addition, I didn't want to stop. Even if these videos don't find as much popularity, I think it is still nice to be able to see a whole instance in one piece instead of downloading a dozen "Guild X vs. Monster" and often get the PoV of a rogue - 20 minutes of the mob's butt. (Well okay, my camera sometimes only catches that, as well...) My guild mates often commented how encounters look completely different for a ranged class. The increased speed is because these encounters all take 10 minutes and longer, which just makes for a boring watch. :P.
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