Death Note Intro - WoW Style by Shizoe
Class: Druid | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Nathrezim ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
Soo , after my succes with my Evangelion Intro , I decided to make another Intro of a nowadays even more popular Anime than Nge and also one of my favourite Animes : Death Note .
First of all , the original :

While the NGE intro was hard because of the many scenes , the Death Note Intro was very hard because of the complex animations .
My only tools for this Video were Vegas 6.0 , WoW-Modelviewer and WoW itself .

The important content changes :
Characters :
Kira/Light - Lucciola (my Druid)
L - Shizoe (my Warlock , sttill lvl 60)
Ryuk - just a Gargoyle
Misa - Shizune (my Hunter , lvl 42)

The rest of the characters (Ray Penbar , the police , Watari etc) were just random , no special characters .
The Shinigami also were just random Monsters .
Instead of the original-apple I used the Hammer of bestial fury because in the past , that was the only real druid weapon (and I had it^^).
So , I talked enough , just watch my video .

btw : If anyone is interested in my second Druid-pvp movie , check out :
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