3 SHOT !!! by Hatchhet
Class: Shaman | Category: Other | Server : US - Gilneas ( Vindication )
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If you spec your shaman the right way, and have the right gear, you can kick some SERIOUS butt! Even if you don't have all epic gear!

Here's a video of me 3 shotting level 71 water elementals in Terrokar Forest as a 70 tauren shaman.

Enjoy!!! =)

- Hatchhet

P.S. - For all you foolios that keep saying "I can do this with my level XX mage / warlock"... I'm *NOT* a mage / warlock, I'm a SHAMAN. And in this video I was half HEALING spec in green/blue gear. That's why I thought it was cool I could do this kinda damage & crits. But that's just me.

P.S. - Yes! I use my mouse to click buttons when it suits me. I use hot keys when it suits me. Who cares which I use. Geez. In this video I felt like clicking... not like it matters.
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