AC chest run 400+g/h by smc
Class: Rogue | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Mug'thol ( Schattenbrand )
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okay, this one is pretty easy to do.. if you failed at farming mechanar you should try this.

AC Chest Farming pros:
- 6-7 Gold each chest
- one scroll or mana/hp pots
- greens or blues (equip or gems)
- adamantite ore ++
- faster than mec farming

- the chest doesn't always spawn at the location like in the movie, but it's a 90% chance, most time in 5 of 5 tries I got the same location

Unlike other ppl *cough* *mec chest farming run movie* *cough* I give credits to the firstfind founder/community, I think it's lame to release a movie from a exploit that is 2 months old just to get some good/bad reputation from the public wow community.

This movie is just to show that almost every instance (besides mec and ac) is possible to chest run for a rogue. If blizz fixes mec we doesn't care because we always find a spot to exploit.

You can make 400g/h just like in mec, it's possible to make more if you know how unlimited instance reseting works.

I took the guide from descipe, usual greetings goes to elitepvpers.

Thanks for watching.

/flame on

p.s. it isn't every time that close, just avoid to run into the npcs like me =D

edit: you can also solo the other chest spawns with medium gear and combat spec (just solo both npcs).
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