Aciddagger 2 Level 70 Undead Rogue PvP by Acidagger
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Dethecus ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Hey, this is my second video, however my first one submitted to WCM. I'm a level 70 Undead Rogue on Dethecus. The video displays world PvP, as well a few battlegroudns and duels thrown in, and a plus since my last video, a few 1v2 fights were added too. My spec is currently Sub Mutilate 41-0-20. My gear is all the PvP epics out, with the hwl blue set, socketed to the max with stamina, i achieve 10k+ hp, not bad :D I have been away for much of the opening season, and had switched back and forth from different combat mace sword and random prep dagger/mutilate spec's in which i purchased 3 different offhand's during season 1 lol... pointless. well anyway to the point: I have a s2 shiv, which works with mutilate quite nicely although the speed, i do enjoy using the ability shiv, i find it quite useful. Hope you enjoy, comments welcome, good or bad, although i do pray nothing but good :).
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