Ginga Vol III - Mutilate PvP by Ginga1
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Bloodscalp ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary

My 2nd TBC movie and I can honestly say that I just failed completely with this one.
I was thinking that Im not even gonna publish this but then I thought that there still might be some people who wants to see clueless bad geared opponents getting raped.
Anyways like the title says its Mutilate PvP 41/20/0, there is few clips with s2 maces and 1 with 41/0/20.
One of the outdoor clips is from Al'Akir where Im at TK and as some of you may know already I xfered to Al'Akir and I go by the name Supay nowdays.
Theres also few arena clips with my old 2v2 team me and Lysithea and 3v3 me, Lysithea and Cilia.

Songs are all listed in the movie.

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Simple Minimap
Energy Watch
Trinket Menu
Nurfed Uf
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