Spidershaman Explores Silithus by Q
Class: Shaman | Category: Underground | Server : US - Hellscream ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
As much as I've always been a gaming enthusiast, I've also always been a game *design* enthusiast, and in all the MMOs I have played that has lead me to a fascination with exploring the game world. If there's somewhere "off the map", I need to see it.

This compulsion to sneak "behind the curtain" finally lead me to Silithus. A few days before the release of The Burning Crusade, late at night with little else to do, I finally slipped behind the wall and recorded my journey.

This video is not for instruction, or bragging rights, or to shockingly reveal something no one has seen before. It is, instead, merely "one for the books" -- catalogued for nothing more than the sake of posterity. I have removed only redundant or irrelevant footage, and only sped up portions where the camera was moved back for a wide view. I am more interested in preserving information than brevity -- this video is unashamedly LONG.

I share this here for those like myself that have a fascination with seeing this side of the game. If you're curious to see what's behind the arse-end of AQ, by all means I hope you enjoy.

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