Who Is Champp Jones? by Bizzlesnaff
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Stonemaul ( Cyclone )
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note: due to Champp luck (ie computer blowing up, losing video clips, general luck etc.) expect Spielberg, and Tarantino to release hunter videos simultaneously with this one...

Who Is Champp Jones?
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This will be my last piece, editing or
playing for a while. Deployment time.

*notice: The following video contains explicit lyrics, lots of editing, and a much needed break from regular PvP videos.

After the popularity of Champp Jones in my last video, it seemed high time for him to get his own video - but he really didn't know where to start. He had made a stream of clips before, but never really gone all out for a movie. With my deployment approaching, this was one last shot to make something for the WoW community.; to bend the conventional rules of what makes a PvP video one last time. To make something that I can honestly say is truly entertaining. Friends, acquaintances, and the like, I have something for you.

This video presents everything from... Marks, Beast / epic,rock,rap/ duels, open PvP clips (primarily), sparse battlegrounds / arena fights - to comedy, catastrophe, and maybe even a little romance. I asked him to help make a comment about the video for this summary, but all he would give me was this -
"This video is for the people. Some may not enjoy all of it, but I feel everyone will find at least a little something they like in this."

I think that puts it best. The beginning pieces may not suit everybody’s taste, but by the end, there is something in here for everyone.

We tried new techniques. I pushed my limited knowledge of editing to the edge - as well as attempting to redo how PvP was filmed. We decided to implement two different angles to most every fight, partially because Champps’ computer is not exactly top of the line- and part of it was because it brought a unique angle to the fight. Battles from his perspective, the enemies angles, and a more artistic view of the fights.

Well, that’s about all that can really be said - the rest just merely has to be seen. For those rating, I again would like to state, it's much appreciated if you download before making any decisions on this film. Watching 15 seconds of a live stream, and then judging an entire film is silly. Please, take the time to try and watch it all, and enjoy what we worked on.

Without further ado, I present to you what many of you might be wondering right now. Why is this video important? What makes it unique? Why should I download this? --- And most of all...

Who Is, Champp Jones?

video was originally submitted sep 21st....thanks DoS attacks for owning me....
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