Combo of Doom by Zarzoc
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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"First of all, the remaining mirrors will be up as fast as possible and second of all sorry for the misspelling of Rogue(Rouge) in the druid+rogue fight. I apologize for this."

"Hello guys! This is the first WoW movie from the priest Kaizerin and the druid Blackclaw from the Al'akir realm. This movie is played by us and edited by our friend Zarzoc. This movie is not supposed to be like the usual "ZOMFG LOLHAXOR I OWN IN PVP!" movie, but it is a movie to show the world that one do not need a super combo to be decent in the arena.

Through the movie you will see several fights against many diffrent arena combos, from the very common Shadowpriest/lock to the more or less unique combo, Hunter/Shammy. In the movie Blackclaw will be 1/46/14 spec, while Kaizerins spec will be quite diffrent. From a rather common 17 disc/44 holy to an allmost unique build 37/2/22, which is basicly healing with silence and a bit of nuking. As you will notice the gear is changing quite a bit through the movie, this is mainly due to lack of space on the computers, which made it hard to film a lot of the arena fights.

Ofc the healingdisc-shadowpriest/feraldruid is by far not the best combo, and we often lose to worse players only due to their combo. However the combo is very fun to play if you like long battles where you get to use all your skills.

This movie is going to contain long battles, so don't expect fast kills. With that said, we hope you enjoy this movie :)"



"All comments are appreciated, say your opinion even if its good or bad, but try to stay away from demoralizing me/us from making more movies. You only get better by trying. Thanks in advance.".
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