Oakleh Vol 3 - Hunter by Oakleh
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Dragonblight ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
Note: Having trouble with stage 6. I am giving anyone free reign to save the file and upload to stage 6 should they so choose - but PM me the link please! Thankyou.

Recorded on Blackout fairly early in season 2.

Top rated teams in each field were at 2200-2300 at the time - long before teams had the time to reach 2500 or whatever.

Opted not to put 5v5 in the movie as thats pretty much common place - and could show nothing new.

3v3 and 2v2 recordings at 2200+ and 2000+ respectively, being rank 6th and rank 39th hunter in the world (according to geekboys) at that point in time - not a brag, more of a so people don't start giving the "2200, thats rubbish, there are 2600 rated hunters now" - getting old and grumpy!

Whether this movie is enjoyed or not, there will be no more movies from me, my 2v2 priest has left the game, 4 of the original 7 5v5 members have left the game this season and, due to a job change I can no longer play at my 3v3's play times! Life and WoW are moving away form each other after 2.5 years.

Its not perfectly played, you will see errors and mistakes - recorded over two weeks doesn't leave much scope for picking and choosing the 'perfectly played' fights. If you see a mistake remember it for your own play - learn from the errors of others and all that!

1 mana pot, first fight, No engineering, No 'gimmick' play, no cooldown abuse and, I am a troll, so generally the racials are poo anyway for pvp. (Oh, the horror!).

And expect to see huge amounts of LOS abuse coming my way.

Movie is not completed as I intended, but no time due to work and lady friend mean no time to edit.

Not much more to say other than thank you to those who have come and spoken to me regarding my previous movie, making alts on my server, by email or by IM. You people are why I decided to release this uncompleted rather than not release it at all..
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