Netherwing - The Movie by Stormscape Creations
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Movie Summary
(The Fabled Few contest Winner, 2nd Place: Drama Category)

Netherwing - The Movie, is based loosely on the story told throughout the Dragonmaw quest-lines done in Shadowmoon Valley to gain faction for a Netherdrake.

Upon discovery of the Dragonmaw Orcs' sinister doings, the nether dragon Mordenai enlists further aid from the mortal races. Two agents are sent--one by the Scryers, one by the Aldors--to infiltrate and destroy the Dragonmaw operation on the foreboding Netherwing Ledge.
Netherwing - The Movie, follows the Scryer Arcanist, Zeinok Felstar in his quest.

Programs Used:
WoW Map Viewer
WoW Model Viewer
Sony Vegas 7.0
(No in-game footage or imagery was used)

From the Warcraft soundtrack CD there are a few snippets of the tracks Origin, Outland, and the Burning Crusade cinematic theme.
The rest of the music is from the semi-recently patched in Black Temple soundtrack.

Other than sound effects from the game, the effects used were from the Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series (which I highly recommend).

Voice Credits
All the male voices were done by your's truly.
And Khandy of The Order fame, was gracious enough to lend her voice to the two lines that needed a female actor..
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