Black Temple - The Movie by Mock
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Nordrassil ( Conviction )
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Movie Summary
Black Temple - The Movie is a completely cinematic, UI-free movie of the World of Warcraft instance Black Temple, starring the guild Precedent.

Frapsed over several months it includes footage from every boss kill, and from the trash to each boss, which hopefully serves to give a complete picture of the instance.

It is edited with entertainment in mind, and as such is relatively fast-paced, including every aspect of the instance in just over 18 minutes. It doesn't make any effort to focus on technicalites or strategy of an encounter, as there are already many good WoW movies out there that do just that. However it is edited so that each scene is chronologically accurate in each boss encounter whenever possible.

It was frapsed, and edited, by Mock (Holy Paladin) using 1440x900W resolution. But for warcraftmovies, it has been rendered at roughly half that size, mainly so that people with lower res setups can view it easily, and also for the file size.

Streaming quality is pretty dire, as usual, so regardless of the large file size I would recommend downloading it if possible.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoy it. :).
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