Praemium Callidus Vs. BT by Juneau
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Magtheridon ( Conviction )
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Movie Summary
Praemium Callidus versus The Black Temple.
Realm: Magtheridon EU (PvP)

This movie has been created over a period of almost 6 weeks and contains footage of the various boss fights in Black Temple (took me 4 weeks in a row before i got the mark of death at Teron Gorefiend and i actually screamed out loud "YES!!"). Originally, this movie wasn't intended to be released at all but was more of a personal project to keep me occupied.

It is intended to take the viewer through every fight in Black Temple and show the very core of each fight since all the bosses have a noticeable specialty. Therefore the video adds up to around 50mins which is quite a lot but considering the content, it's actually not that bad.

All of the recordings are filmed through a resto druid's point of view which in my opinion gives a better overlook of the fight but also limits the amount of different angles you get to see the boss from.

About the movie:

First it's important for me to point out that this is no role play movie, it's not worked out from the lore and the lore hasn't changed the way the movie is presented in any way.
Second of all, this movie isn't one of those over-edited ones. The flashy editing is kept on the low side for the viewer to actually get to see what is happening during each fight. The material contains editing, but it's very easy on the eyes.
The music i have finally picked is carefully selected and is intended to be very nice and easy to listen to but not force the viewers attention away from the movie.

This is not a cinematic movie!

Bear in mind that this is the very first time i release something like this (and a fucking huge project to start out with xD) so i'm very open for criticism and hints/tips to make any eventual future movies better.

I'd like to give a special thanks to the following people:
Berta (lolwut)

Thank you both for working your magic.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed with everything. I owe you all a whole lot!

Enjoy your own (re-)entry into the Black Temple!

Random info:
The music:
Due to massive request and streams crashing etc (told you streaming was bad :< ) I'll paste the track list here. Enjoy.

Intro: Heaven shall Burn ~ Echoes
Naj'entus: Bobmo ~ Get'em junior edit
Supremus: Ayumi Kawasaki ~ M (above & beyond remix)
Shade of Akama: Justice vs. Simian ~ We are your friends.
Teron Gorefiend: Freeform Five ~ No more conversations (nightmoves mix)
Gurtogg Bloodboil: Egypt Central ~ Over and under
Reliquary of Souls: Surkin ~ Radio Fireworks (Riot in Berlin, second remix)
Mother Shahraz: The Meat Boys ~ Fireworks (Punks jump up remix)
The illidari council: Drop the lime ~ Hear me
Illidan Stormrage: Sebastian Leger ~ Hit girl, Shameboy ~ Splend it
Outro: Maybeshewill ~ The Paris Hilton sex tape

The people:

mIRC @ Quakenet ~ /join
Got any questions, or just want to say hi? Everyone is welcome.

Any personal questions should be directed to
[email protected]

Whispers in game are likely to be answered unless i am busy.
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