DoomCaster 2 by Doomc
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Lightning's Blade ( Vindication )
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This has been sitting on my desktop for a while now...comming to the conclusion I was not going to finish due to personal reasons I decided to just release what I have. A lot of people I dueled asked me to make a movie so here it is...don't expect anything special, just another mage.

My stats were around 6k hp,13% crit, 10 resil, 500 spell dmg in the green armor. When I'm using the merc chest + merc gauntlets I was around 7k hp, 13% crit, 90 resil, and around 500 spell dmg. I never got any sockets, enchants or anything, but I did my best with what I had.


The Dust Brothers - What Is Fight Club
Lost Prophets - Can't Catch Tomorrow
Sum 41 - 88
Ghost Busters Theme Song
iio - Smooth
Coldplay - Speed of Sound
Namco Sound Team - Black Winter Night Sky

Edit: First warlock wasn't SL/Afflic, I meant to put for second warlock. This video wasn't complete, only half of my vision; I was actually going to delete everything but I changed my mind at the last second to upload it...that is why quality isn't best....
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