Tosan Twos: Renataki Twins (Rogue/Rogue 2v2) by Tosan
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Korgath ( Vengeance )
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Tosan's Arena Team 1
Tosan Ayume
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Hiya! *I Suggest loud volume for maximum happyfuntime* *Livestream max volume blows too!*

*For those who are asking: We ended at 2304 and yes, it got Gladiator. Our 3v3 was rogue/rogue/druid which ended at 2303, also gladiator.

***This is all PRE 2.3 footage, I took too long to make it, sorry***

I never really planned on making an arena video as they tend to be fairly boring, but I ended up using the last bit of my harddrive space recording a dozen or so 2v2 fights, and when I was going to delete them for space, I noticed that rogue/rogue is pretty fun to watch, in my opinion anyway.

As little as it matters to me, I know people will want to know this stuff so I'll say it for clarification:
The fights are in random 2000-2350 rating locations. Maybe some even lower, I don't really know, there was no original purpose for these clips.

I did not have HD space for a really long time, this is NOT "the pick of the litter" type footage, it's literally ALL of the clips I had, my fatty HD just had too little space ;P

I tried not to edit it too much to take away from the clips as I know alot of people would complain about that, but there's no way I'm going to keep it slow paced and boring, I love fast paced action! I hope you do too!

Now I know everyone says this now as a pre-defense disclaimer, but I do not make movies to try to impress you with "leet skills", I make them because it's fun to make, and fun to watch, I love music and listening to my favorite music while watching any kind of action always makes me happier than simply listening to music.

Just kick back and enjoy the show peoples =)

Music In Order:
The Crystal Method - It's Time
The Doors vs The Crystal Method - Roadhouse Blues
The Crystal Method - Do It
The Crystal Method - Brand New Kicks
Dead Poetic - Copy of a Copy
"Credits" Clip music is the end portion of a song by "Fair to Midland" called "April Fools and Eggmen".

I don't have some sort of Crystal Method addiction, I just like how these songs go together and decided to use it as the general backdrop theme. They're all from the "Drive" Album.

Thanks for watching folks, hope you have fun =)

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