Nosco versus Kael'thas *First Kill* by Akilleuz
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Stormreaver ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
This is our first Kael'thas kill.

Phase 1 is skipped.

It is not taken from my POV. Not this video. It's from our DPS warrior Kuikku. I am just submitting the movie since it's our first kill.
It took us 2,5 weeks to bring him down. Funny enough, our best try before this kill, were phase 4 with 91%. For some reason, at this kill, we were fast with minions and all alive except a shaman that went AFK, even after he got a damn ress!!! -.-

Anyway the kill was awsome. We had never tryied to handle MC correct or the second bird. Also when we came to phase 5 the first time here, I didnt know I couldnt get close to Kael right away. So I "Akilleuz MT", went down to 8,7k HP..... But our imba healers could manage and with some Seed plus a FR pot, we survived it. Even smelled 22 hp one time :P hehe

Kuikku is DPS'ing. He tanks the Mace in Phase 2 and are keeping debuffs at Thaladred. Also he are breaking MC'd people. So this is a good POV to see all the things.

The official video will be upcomming within a shortage of time. Since we normally don't make first kill videos.

Good Luck!.
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