He Will Redeem Us by Selserene
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Movie Summary
[He Will Redeem Us] "weaves a tale of the Blood Elf people, their trials and tribulations, ... When two lovers are separated during a scourge attack on Silvermoon, they end up joining opposite factions. When they cross paths again, they are forced to make a decision that will change their lives ..." (Moo_money at WoW Insider: summed up so much better than did.)

The Sin'dorei are a proud people, filled with hope and trust in the destiny of their Prince. They place the salvation of their race in his hands, while worlds away he bridges an allegiance to Burning Legion. His hymns echo through the hearts of his people, divided in their belief in him, but never wavering in their love.

A Winter Veil Tale etched in the heart of Kael'thas' people.

Music adapted from the traditional 'Greensleeves'. Performed by Rob Munsch and Selserene, both from the ShC server. The song made the finals of the WCRadio WoWIdol contest.

Programs used:
Shadow Council Server (WoW:TBC)
Adobe Photoshop
Sony Vegas
WoW Modelviewer
WoW Mapviewer
Particle Illusion

Loved Sin'dorei, come through the fear,
Let Blights end and guide to him.
This King, our King, Salvation brings,
Let our loving hearts enthrone him.

Loved Sin'dorei, we are but few,
but destiny our blood will share with you.
Dear brothers cheer for the words we'll hear,
when the Sunstrider foes are retreating.

This, this is Kael'thas King,
where fate has gone and sorrow sings.
Haste, Haste Oh bring him home,
Our Lord, the Savior of many.

Loved Sin'dorei we are but two,
but destiny our blood will shed for you.
Dear brothers weep, words can't speak,
the praise in our hearts we wear proudly.

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