All Gear - Shadowstep - Drivith 2v2's by drivith
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Stormreaver ( Rampage )
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Hi guys, this is my first video. The footage is from this last PVP week, so it isn't the greatest, isn't the worst. Originally this video was supposed to contain both 2s footage and 3s footage, but since patch 2.3.2 came out today I decided to publish this before it got lost in the spew of videos that will probably happen with the loss of the HARP spec.

A little background knowledge: I've been playing shadowstep as this build since 2.3 was released (a week or two before S3 started). I achieved gladiator on this character in 3v3s with this build running UA lock, Spriest and myself. My shadow priest and myself are currently ranked 3rd in our battlegroup (rampage) for 2v2s and hope to climb up more this week.

I played the HARP build for 10 minutes and vowed to never return. This video hopefully will give a little insight as to why I never turned back.

I decided to put some losses in this video, and i tried to leave out the humiliating gibfest matches that we did to some of the healer/dps teams, even if they were high rated teams. This movie is comprised of the (hopefully) most entertaining clips that I came acrossed over the last week.

I do intend to make more videos after this one, I just wanted to get this out to show that shadowstep was viable before 2.3.2.

This video is filmed at a very high quality, i URGE you to NOT stream it from filefront. Stage 6 full screen looks BEAUTIFUL, as does a full download.

I know my UI is a little messy, I will try to smooth it out before i release another video. Since I put in some losses, it means I am fully aware of the mistakes I made, please don't flame too hard >
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