The Crimson Sisters of the Scarlet Flame by Gnomechewer
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Ok, ok, so this is another "what if" video of mine... or even "wouldn't it be cool if" ones, if you will. Basically, I love the Sisters of Battle from the Warhammer 40k series, just their lore and stuff... and I love the Scarlet Crusade. And when I heard the next expansion for the RTS, Dawn of War, was going to feature the Sisters of Battle, I suddenly wanted to make a WoW movie inspired by them... and who better to host such an order than the Crusade?

Anyways, day-dream with me a moment: High Inquisitor Whitemane leads her own military order within the Scarlet Crusade, The Crimson Sisters of the Scarlet Flame. They are drawn from a religious order, Our Lady of the Sacred Flame, which operates openly alongside the men from the Scarlet Monastery. The Crimson Sisters are not beneath anyone from the Crusade, except Whitemane herself. They are independently run outside of the Crusade, yet fulfill the same duties... just with more zeal... even compared to a Scarlet Crusader. And why does this happen? Because I said. A boy can dream... a boy can dream...

So yeah... all and all the Scarlet Crusade is scary... misguided and scary. Watch the part in this video where they light the bodies on fire and an arm reaches up from the pile in the lower left hand side... That should pretty much sum up the Scarlet Crusade imho. I don't know what you will think of the entire video, but you have to love that part. I probably watched that 5 sec scene over and over for at least an hour. And after I made that part, I was like... crud, I should just put that in and leave it at that. You might be able to tell, because after that scene I lost my steam. you can't beat that. soooo spoooky. help, there's dead people on me and I'm on fire. and it smells. ouch.

PS: sorry about the attempt at subtitles. I'm never going to do a voice over again and it's just me making these... so, you're going to have to just deal :P.
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