Inahk 2000+ DPS Destruction Warlock by Inahk
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Mannoroth ( Ruin )
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[Inahk - Undead Warlock - of Mannoroth US PvP]

[EDIT: In response to some comments.. no, fire is not better than shadow, no, there is no cap on spell damage, and no, I wasn't able to use Doom, I was on COE duty. And thanks to the various people who told me I can put up dots during the shield, I actually didn't realize that having never done the fight as anything but destro.]

This is a video showing me DPSing on High Warlord Najentus in Black Temple. The purpose of the video isn't to show Naj'entus, but to show the destruction PvE spec and how ridiculous its DPS is, topping meters by just spamming shadow bolt and scaling amazingly well with high tier gear.
Its also a big crit movie for those who enjoy that type of thing. The highest is 10402 in this movie. As you can see by the meters I was over 90k above second place, with a ridiculous crit rate of 43% on my shadow bolt [8% above my actual crit chance] due to some insane luck. I did 2135 DPS over the 5 minute fight according to WWS, or 2066 according to Recount. The bloodlust was a bit late because I was trying to wait for a 3rd trinket use, but he died too quickly apparently.

This is definitely not about skill.. more so its about the lack of it in destruction raiding. It also kind of shows to people what warlock DPS has degenerated into; putting up a curse, and spamming my 2 key.
Even some of my guild mates are surprised thats all I do in raids, so I thought I might as well show it to other people that may be interested in seeing another classes job. I'm not really complaining though.. I like being consistently top DPS. :P

Disclaimers etc: This will be boring for you if you are expecting skill or lots of editing. This is flat up PVE DPS and big crits.

Music: Celldweller - Symbiont

Recorded 22nd January 2008

0/21/40 Raiding Destruction Spec
1380 Spell Damage Unbuffed -- [Peak spell damage of 1983 in this fight]
34.99% Destruction Crit
15.38% Spell Hit
Improved Divine Spirit (+31)
Shattrath Flask of Supreme Power (+70)
Blackened Basilisk (+23)
Superior Wizard Oil (+42)
Band of the Eternal Sage Procs (+95)
Hex Shrunken Head Activations (+211)
Wrath of Air Totem (+101)
Fel Armor (+130)
Ferocious Inspiration (+3% Damage)
Untalented Curse of Shadows (+10% Damage)
Sacrificed Succubus Touch of Shadow (+15% Damage)
Shadow Weaving (+10% Damage)
Misery (+5% Damage)
Improved Shadow Bolt Debuff (+20% Damage)

My UI is a heavily self-modified version of Caith's UI ver9.0. Sorry if you don't like it.
Pitbull Unitframes
Bartender 3
Elk Buff Bar
Deadly Boss Mods
Cooldown Timers
Simple Minimap
Quartz Casting Bar
Fubar + Various Addons

No, I won't upload it or send it to you. Learn about UI for yourself and customise/create your own..
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