3 Gladiators, 1 Account - Triple G. by Partyme
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Onyxia ( Raserei )
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Movie Summary
Hi, people.

Finally, I finished my first movie. This is something like a "multiple PoV-PvP Movie"

You'll see:
a S3-geared UD Mage (Frost & Arc/Fire specced)
a S3-geared BE Paladin (Retribution & Holy specced)
and a-S3-geared UD Shadowpriest

Last season ( 2 ) I somehow managed to play all my Characters to a high enough rating to get 3 gladiator titles and win 3 nice drakes. Thanks to all geeks who supportet me with it, by being the best teammates imaginable.

Nevertheless, this brought me to the idea to make a movie... and here it is.


The Movie is divided into three Parts.

First of all I start with some outdoor PvP and Battlegrounds. ( I know there are some undergeared opponents, just watch and don't complain about that. Show me your outdoor-PvP movie where you only fight full gladiator geared and skilled players and I will delete this sentence and you may cry :) )

In the second part you will see exclusively berserk and trinket useage in battlegrounds ( mostly WS ).


[If you dont't like partially undergeared opponents, berserk abuse, oneshots, high crits or lots of zooming, you should NOT download this movie or just skip it from minute 5 to 10 ]

In the third part you will only see Arena PvP, I added some 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 Matches. ( Note, that I usually play WITH nameplates, I just turned them OFF for this movie. I think nameplates would suck in it ) and YES, I only show wins in this movie, why should I show losses? For sure, we also lose Arenamatches and I am definitely NOT invincible :o)

Ok, I think I said everything worth to know, relating to the content.



Rammstein - Mein Herz brennt
Atreyu - My fork in the road ( your knife in my back )
Clawfinger - Do what I say
The RZA - Ode to Oren Ishii
Disturbed - Stricken
The Legion of Doom - Lolitas Medicine
Serj Tankian - Saving Us

!! HINT !!
If you don't like the music, I suggest to just turn your sound off and listen to your own tracks :p
Don't flame about that pls, it' s not that easy to come up with new music or use tracks that everyone likes.

So far...that's it, I hope you'll enjoy the movie.

EDIT: Please use the download or torrent links, the FileFront Stream is not worth watching it and Stage6 somehow doesn't work for me. srysry

EDIT2: Stage 6 Stream added, but i still recommend the filefront download, for better quality :)

EDIT3: I will report every infantile reasonless and/or pointless downrating. Read the hints, read the summary: Be constructive. .
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