Trailer: World of Arenacraft by Montyburns
Class: Rogue | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Warsong ( Blackout )
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This is not arena movie.
Sorry for dissapointing title, but it has some other meaning. There won't be any arenas in actual movie.

This will be very uncommon video. The point of the movie will be to bust myths that the noob community created.

This is the trailer (not much of trailer, more like a teaser) for upcoming storyline/pvp movie "World of Arenacraft". The actual movie will be about problems in WoW pvp and the problems of rogues, if they have any.

Those and many more themes will be discussed:
-Warlock problem
-Resilience killed Wow?
-Rogues are overpowered, underpowered or fine?
-Arenas and pvp gearing problem
-Common mistakes, prejudices and stereotypes.

The trailer does not reflect actual content of the movie much. There will be about 50% dialogues and 50% pvp.

This movie will probably remind you of some old good movie series.

*russian forum page in teaser is poll thread "Have resilience killed WoW?". It reached about 50 pages and one thousand votes..
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