Spoon - 2h Fury PvE (Illidari Council) by Mortemm
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Khadgar ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary
This is just a glimpse of 2h Fury. As the 2h Arms build (Slam/MS/Blood Frenzy) is getting more and more popular, I thought I'd show the other 2h variation. It's quite a powerful build, but I use it only because we have another warrior who keeps BF on the target.

As a quick side note: I use Torch of the Damned due to it's 3.8 speed (Slams hit a bit harder). Also, I'm basically Armor Pen capped (~1350) so that's kind of a wasted stat on CE and Soul Cleaver. The math I used to deduce this is: 6200 starting AC (Illidari Council) - 2600 (5 sunders) - 800 (CoR) - 610 (Faerie Fire) - 840 (Executioner) = 1350 AC.

Things to know before watching:

This is a 2h Fury Slam build

Illidari Council is a movement based fight (hindering the effectiveness of Slam)

I am the Imp Demo debuffer which cuts into the rotation at some points

I did not have an Enhancement Shaman

The other DPS Warrior who keeps BF on the target was not at this fight.

*I am a terrible editor and used Windows Movie Maker to create this. I realize it's just a PvE video but it's a quick download and I'd definitely recommend that over the stream.*

If people actually enjoy this, I'll put out a few more 2h Fury videos including Teron Gorefiend which really shows off the build.

Music: "In Keeping the Secrets of Silent Earth 3" by Coheed & Cambria.
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