Trailer: Enhanced Renaissance by Assailant
Class: Shaman | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Hellfire ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
Part one is already released here

Enhanced Renaissance

A trailer for an upcoming PvP movie.
The trailer consists of the main elements of the upcoming movie:

*Enhancement PvP
*Resto PvP with Full Season 2 Elemental Gear
*Stormstrike+Elemental Fury talent showcase (30/31/0)
*World PvP
*Duels vs. Gladiators
*Arena at a very very noobish rating, but hey! It's an enhancement showcase! Not many of those around :p (mostly 2v2 clips)
*Tips, Reviews and Explanations of the Enhancement tree in general. (Not in the trailer)

I made the trailer because It's my first time rendering in widescreen and using Dr.Divx, so it's just a test of how the whole thing would turn out to be. I was very concerned about the resolution and stuff, but I'm glad it worked out just fine, except that the STAGE6 stream is messed up and doesn't play any sound unless you've buffered up the whole movie. So please, give it a min to process.

ETA: 25th-March-2008

/over and out - Spanx aka. Solemn.

Roflcopter Productions - since 2006


The immense amount of time this video requires from me, was worse than I thought.
So far, 2 days before the intial release, I'm 40% done. So had to push the ETA a bit more.
Hopefully 2.4 will be out soon, so I can include some clips of me ganking clothies in ~Instant Casted~ Ghost Wolf form and 2H with rockbiter
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