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After centuries of conflict the world of Azeroth has found, at long last, sense of peace and well being.
New generations rise and new allegiances are forged in a brave and exciting new world with hope of an even brighter
tomorrow - but in these times there are those who would seek to crush hope and extinguish the light. Minds dark and
twisted, focused only on spreading the darkness that clings to there very being.
Unaware of this dark rising Azeroth continues, in blissful ignorance, to enjoy newfound freedoms, unknowingly walking
towards their demise.
But there were once heroes. Some would say.. Legends.
Brave warriors who selflessly sacrificed themselves to protect their people. But that was long ago, things have changed and the heroes of old have been scattered and forgotten, un-needed.. Until now.
Maybe if they could be found in time.. Maybe the course of this dark destruction could be averted.

All hope now rests on the shoulders of two young, fresh faced Warriors, as they rush to save Azeroth and reunite the
heroes who can once more restore peace to the world.

2 years ago I, Lucas Cedergren "Lima", decided to make a World of Warcraft storyline-movie. I finished a 25 page
long script and started to record. However, due to multiple obstacles I had to cancel the project, at that time.
October 2007 a guy from Norway, Christian.O.Møller "Kennay" contacted me, wondering if I was still making the movie. I said
no and that the project had been too much for me to do by my own. Then he said: "Hey, I would gladly help you to finish it."
Since I had taken a few beers I said: "What the hell, let's give it a try."
So we started making a research about the access in in-game actor and voiceactors 4 a-clock in the morning.
After a while Christian's friend J Weaver "Keamon" from the USA allso joined us on this project. So now, after almost 6 months
the movie is close to finished. And I must say, it has been a pleasant journey.

But before releasing the full movie, we will give you this trailer.

General info about the movie:
It will end up at about 50 min.
This is part 1 of 3.
Nowadays most movies are made in modeleviwer, I'm definitely not complaining, not at all. But we kind of missed
the real-in-game movies. So this movie is done 95% in-game, mostly on a private server but allso on the EU
server Talnivarr.
Release date is estimated before april, if everyting goes well.

So we very much hope that you enjoy the trailer and we will try to give you the movie as soon as possible.

At this moment we are still looking for some voiceactors to fill in the last roles. So if you are interested you can contact us on [email protected]

I see alot of people writing: “this is so much like Tales of the Past 3”. My counter: “This script was written BEFORE tales of the past 3, so we can’t really be copying.

Then I see alot of people comparing this to TotP: “this wont beat it, this might beat it etc etc.”
I can say NO, our first movie wont beat totp3. Why? Because this is our first movie ever. Me myself haven’t even made a 2 min clip in machinima to test my skills.
When Martin Falch made TotP3 that was his third movie. So it is plain logic that we won’t “beat” him since he has alot more experience. Although, I'm not saying that when our third is done that we will beat him, because he might just be better than us anyway.
However, we are not making this movie to BEAT Tales of the past. We are not looking for a machinima war. BUT, yes tales of the past is a good goal if you want to know how good you are, beat totp = you are good.
So, if you want to compare movies, yes you can compare this one to Totp3 and totp3 will win. BUT, if you want to compare makers, you should wait until our third OR compare this one to tales of the past 1. Though comparing this one to totp1 is unfair since machinima has grown bigger since that was released and alot of help is out there on forums, though I’m not saying that this one have to be better than totp1, but I hope you get my point.

Best regards.
Lucas Cedergren "Lima"
Christian.O.Møller "Kennay"
J Weaver "Keamon".
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