Alca versus Trig by Alca
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary

Hi, Im back with my new movie.
Its a duel movie between two movie making mages. Trig (17 0 44) vs Alca (17 0 44)
Trigz Stormscale vs Redmarmalade Stormscale
The movie includes (in order of appearance)
Intro Alca - tokyo kittens Mew Mew Intro
Trig - unknown Song
Intro - Skillet-Falling into the black

Ruins of Lordaeron - Skillet into the black
Ruins of Lordaeron - Skillet-Falling into the black
Ruins of Lordaeron - Hoobastank-Just One

Blades Edge Arena - Good Charlotte-Misery
Blades Edge Arena - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-Face Down
Blades Edge Arena - Lost Prophets- Cant Catch this Tomorrow
Blades Edge Arena - Hikari E

Crypt - Hikari E
Outro - Hikari E

I lose 65%-70% of the duels against Trigz, in my eyes he is the best mage in europe and the best mage vs mage duelguy. Im pretty bad in mage vs mage duels also to recent inactivity because of reallife and my Priest alt with whom ive managed to get #1 in 5v5 worldwide, so im not practiced.

The Movie shows high quality mage duels with LoS Abuse drinking and and and, im sure some players can pick up some of our tricks, maybe not mine but atleast Trigz tricks(nice wordplay:)).

Items used in the movie are:
Engineering belt (forgot to equip in Lordaeron arena:( )
Bandages(alot of them:))
serveral trinkets: Icon of the Silver Crescent
Lightning Capacitator
talisman of the horde
Battlemaster trinket
Tidal Charm
Gnomish Cloaking device(Trig Vanishing a Frostbolt:))

The Movie is planned to be a series (its impossible to put everything into one movie). If you like the movie(im also taking care of the chinese wow players aswell so your rating is also a factor for a sequel). Series means, i would duel other classes, a top playerof each class, an outstanding player, warlocks with different specs, rogues, shadowpriests, Retribution Paladins, Feral/Moonkin Druids, Hunters, Warriors. Maybe not everyone of them because a warrior or retribution movie is possibly boring, but we will see.

I hope u can learn from the mistakes i do or we do, or catch some nice ideas for yourself

Some last words:
I have 140 Spellpenetration for killing felhunters, but my spellhit is suffering, also of resists in the duels who decided them :(, so GET SPELLHIT:).
Check out Trig Elemental PvP on warcraftmovies, awesome Movie!
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