The Art Of AoE by vogias009
Class: Mage | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Vashj ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Hello mages or not. This is my second release. The first (A Simple AOE Example) was only one aoe scene at lvl 60, you can watch it too if you want its really small.

First of all, this is not something new. Its well known to most mages. Its most for new mages that don't know much about aoe yet. It's not about showing any skills, you will notice that i don't do anything perfect even when i explain what to do. I cant even compare with other mages (faxmonkey, 999999 mobs in a single pull).

This movie is some kind of tutorial for doing aoe with a mage. Has a lot of scenes all in outlands. Has text on screen but also some free scenes too. I tried to fit the text with the in-game moves. If it goes too fast for you you can simply pause the movie to read the text. Beware that some spots are not suitable for begginers (for exapmle Black Temple's Elfs can use a debuff on you that causes -75% spell dmg or some can heal themselfs). Although you can be cautious and pull small groups for start.

Note that i'm an average mage so you should not just copy what you will see because i wasn't perfect in any of my clips. Besides you must be prepared for unexpected factors such pulling other mobs while doing aoe. In such cases you cant just continue doing what you see in this movie. Use it as an idea and expand your abilities beyond that.

This aoe is not based on blizzard. Its based on shatter effect and Flamestrike - Cone of Cold combo. So you are not going to see only ice here, but all the three schools (Flamestrike, Cone Of Cold, Arcane Explosion).

I was frost while making these clips. Its not neccesary to be frost to do that but its recommended for better results.

Fraps and Movie Maker were the only tools that were used for the making of this movie.

In this movie you may see that i kinda fool blizzard at the beggining but i have no intention of showing that blizzard is bad. On the contrary blizzard is a clear and safe way of aoe.
Besides i added the first clip in the movie because i realy enjoyed that mage while doing blizzard based aoe, it was a fine and clear job (although he messed with my mobs :P).

This is only a tutorial and its not a compare between these 2 methods. Both are good.

The whole thing about true mages that i mention in the movie is only for encouraging mages to try this method because it may seem difficult but its easy and has fun. It doesn't mean that if you use blizzard you are a coward. From the other point of view someone can also say that ppl who use flamestrike are fools because they are risking by taking dmg. None of these things count.

Enjoy the movie and don't be confused about the methods..
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