Mortenz Exploration Trailer by Asrial
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Dentarg ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary

This is the trailer for the upcoming Mortenz Exploration movie. All is filmed in patch 2.3, on the realm Dentarg Eu.

Disclaimer: The Emerald dream part, I got there using model edits. if you don't like it I suggest you skip that part or don't watch / download at all.

Since my mage was hacked recently, I cant do much filming since blizzard is pretty slow at the moment with hacked accounts retrievals, so the full movie will be delayed..

"The Lich King" part, was outside Frostwyrm Lair in Naxxramas. Got there using a self Made edit, making us able to jump there from the Entrance to Naxx. Was just random we saw the "invisible" mob.

Anyhow, enjoy the trailer. Everything here is doable in this patch. After patch 2.4, you can no longer get to the "HELP" Signs on the mountains, since they are most likely removing wall jumping then. Took me 1hour++ to get up there, I almost cried :(


Edit 14.04.2008:

I managed to do something wrong when dealing with some trojans and such so I managed to delete some important files, thus I had to reformat my computer, and lost ALOT of clips I wanted. So dont expect this to come out anytime soon :/
If you have any Questions, PM me.

Sorry guys.
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