Nerf Heal: 2v2 Shaman / Warrior by darkdead
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Azshara ( Glutsturm )
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Movie Summary
** At First
I know that "Nerf Heal" is similar to the "NerfSap" series by Happyminti. I love his movies and this name should be something like my tribute to him. :)
If you want to stream this movie in highest quality download it with Firefox and stream the .part file with VLC-Player!!

** About the Movie
This is my second Arena PvP Movie. (shaman pov) My first was called "Korean" and can be found on warcraftmovies. I know that I have promised to do another splitscreen movie but my warriors computer suxxs so hard that he cant play with Fraps running :/
The movie shows our 2v2 Team called "Powerrangers" and we have reached the 2,3k rating some days ago.

If you like the movie I promise that there will be a second part, because we are going to rock the 3v3 ladder now. ;)

** Intro
The Intro should not be a crying about my class intro. I really love my shaman and I think that resto shamans are just fine! Just melee and caster shamans need some fixxes! Compared to other classes.

** At second: Codecs
I have rendered the movie in two different codecs to ensure that everyone can watch it.
The x264 Codec is better in quality, but it need the VLC Player for example or the CCCP Codecpack.
The xVid Codec should work on every computer but is a bit lower in quality.

I have named the mirrors so you can find the version you want. And don't forget to highqualitystream it with VLC as I mentioned above!

** Music
I love techno / trance music so I had no real idea which rock/metal music to take for this movie. I hope I did okay.
World of Warcraft OST - Thunder Bluff
Spiderbait - Black Betty
Wolfmother - Pleased to meet you
Disturbed - Decadence
Guano Apes - Big In Japan

** Interface
It's main parts are from Cylee (Jolie) UI Pack. I have removed some addons and put some addons in.
The Totem addon is called Totemtimers.

** Enemies
I have put just one 2xDD Szene in this movie because whenever we have played against a 2xDD group I forgot to record and they didn't queue afterwards. :(

** Language
I'm from Austria (not Australia!!) and so my english is NOT the best. I hope I did okay overall. :>

** edit:
UI Pack (by Cylee)
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