Nihilum EU-BG3 Grand Final by nessaj
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Magtheridon ( Conviction )
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Cyclone Arena Tournament #2 Grand Final

Nihilum vs WE RLY CARE

Score: 6-1 (3-1, 3-0)

Edited/Made by: Phixus
POV: Phixus (Priest) + Heero (Paladin)
Size: ~466mb
Length: ~10 minutes
Resolution: 1280 x 800

1. Mauro Picotto @ Matrix Revolution 12-01-08 (Original set is 80 minutes long)
2. Extrawelt @ Antipop Music Festival 2007 (1 hour set)
3. Marco Remus @ Fortezza Da Basso 31-12-07 (2 hour set)

(You'll have to bug Phixus for the playlists of those sets)

This video features the Nihilum Arena team playing the Grand Final in the second Cyclone Arena Tournament. There's Ventrilo communication available in the first couple of matches. Hope you enjoy it. Beware of the techno track in the end (some people might want to cover their ears!).
Regarding the ventrilo recording, please note that you cannot record your own voice and Phixus is the in-game tactics caller/leader which means that it might sometimes seem like the team doesn't talk or communicate, but that isn't true.

Hope you like the video!

Nihilum Arena:
Cherez, Night Elf Hunter, 0/42/19
Slót, Dranei Shaman, 40/0/21
Hammee, Human Warrior, 35/23/3
Phixus, Dwarf Priest, 42/19/0
Heero, Human Paladin, 41/20/0

Shader, Rogue, 20/41/0
Cableguy, Druid, 8/11/42
Vexed, Mage, 0/12/49
Warlock, Khavi, 6/44/11
Priest, Neala, 42/19/0

You're welcome to ask any questions at - The team will 100% answer your questions regarding anything, just use the forum or the guestbooks.

More information regarding the tournament final can be found here:,nihilum_wins_cyclone_arena_tournament/

Team captain Phixus wrote a blog regarding the tournament as well:
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