Zul'Aman - Speed Run by Bellum & Friends by Azhag
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Gorgonnash ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
This video features the first successfull Zul'Aman Bear Run within the time limit by my guild Bellum and friends of Gorgonnash (Europe). I have frapsed the whole run at a stretch out of my tanking point of view and all material was generated thereby. Playback rate is 3x faster, ~25MB/minute quality, 1092x682 resolution (original 1680x1050) and in my (orcish) point of view as main taink.

As background music I have chosen pretentious classic works from Carl Orff (very famous track you will remember) and Beethoven. Well I know not everybody can do anything with it but I think classic music is not enough used in WoW Videos even though it fits perfectly for dramatic scenes and actions. But it's not that easy to edit and generate loops because of the rhythmic changes so please excuse any inconsistencies ;)

I hope you will enjoy the video!

Group Setup:

Azhag (Prot Warrior)
Elnupplo (Resto Shaman)
Ilug (Feral Druid)
Luse (Holy Paladin)

Chukko (Destruction Warlock)
Golota (Fire Mage)
Vaellera (Holy Paladin)
Vivianna (Shadowpriest)
Zorana (Elemental Shaman)

The track list (loops/pieces of):
Orff - Carmina Burana
* Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi - O Fortuna
* Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi - Fortune Plango Vulnera
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 9
* Molto Vivace
* Presto
Garage Band - Outro

(There are a few black/strange frames - sry for that!).
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