5 Hunter Multiboxing - Deadmines by Vyndree / Jennifer
Class: Hunter | Category: Underground | Server : US - Archimonde ( Stormstrike )
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What can I say, I'm an altaholic.

I rolled 5 hunters a couple weeks ago and ran them through Deadmines -- no healers, no tanks.

Before you start commenting about how easy Deadmines is, remember that everyone has to start somewhere -- you don't start 2-manning Karazhan without first covering the basics. If you're not interested in low-level content, feel free to take a look at my other videos.

If you're going to use the Youtube mirror, keep in mind that it's LOW QUALITY. If you want the whole thing, use the High Quality streams or download directly.

Music info is at the end of the video.

For more information on multiboxing, including links to official Blizzard posts on the WoW forums, see my FAQ:
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