Cer 4.0 2350max by Cer
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Terrordar ( Raserei )
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Movie Summary

Cer reveals new tricks and strategies mainly from his 5v5-team "What would Ming do" at 2350 max-rating.

Setup 5v5:

Warlock (Felguard Critbuild [5-41-15]) -> Cer
Mage (Frost) -> Sharci
Rogue (SHS) -> Scythe
Paladin (Holy) -> Xel
Priest (Disc) -> Violince


Movie in general got an educational touch and contains a lot of comments.

*Abusing Imp as pet in arena
*New way to use Seed of Corruption in PvP
*How to: AoE Silence
*Howl of Terror-techniques

Maybe some people are disappointed from the movie, but I just felt to make a 5v5 movie, seeing a lot of other 5v5-movies are boring and hard to follow. Still got some open-pvp/ bg-pvp scenes on my harddisk. Thinking about something like a "Cer 4,5" in the past weeks.

Watch the movie

Watch out for Scythe's solo movie :P

EDIT: That dancing guy in the end of the movie is Hobbs as he wanted to be in the movie, but I couldn't get any shot from him ingame, so...
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