Gort'agash Trailer 2 by Tue Holst
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Even though my first trailer was mainly meant as practice for my own good I was not completly satisfied with it. Therefore I decided to make a new one, a more "pro" one. This time it follows the storyline more and the main characters are more or less introduced in this one. In addition I've now found some voice actors.

The young orc, Gort'agash is forced to flee his homeland Draenor. In his new home he is suffering under a curse the Death Knight, Xolrog gave him. In the end he'll die, so in his final hours he seeks out his enemy to get revenge.

That is pretty much the synopsis :)

There's still a few things I need to work on, but what the heck! It's clear that I've improved in editing. It's still unknown when the movie will be done.

Hope you'll enjoy this trailer!.
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