Hogger goes to Undercity by Ganouille
Class: Mage | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Uldaman ( Némésis )
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Hi everyone!

Since my friend Esmereth and I didn't find anything to do except saving Gnomeregan 5 times an hour (until we get our beautiful city back!), we decided to open a travel agency.

This is our first client, a gnoll called Hogger. He claims to be the reincarnation of the last king of Lordaeron.He truly believes his death will come soon (he's an aware guy) so he just wanted to see his throne for the last time.

Ok so if you read the past 2 paragraph you have lost enough time :) we just made this video to show the trip in a short clip with nice music.
We're surely not the first duo to do this (we don't care, if we are then it's cool :) Our only purpose is to give other players 5minutes of fun.If you enjoy the movie,then our job is over :p

Sorry for:

- the french text in the movie, it wasn't supposed to leave our forum :)
-the Loch modan's weir which is the most difficult part if you're not a Horde player who can kill the dwarf guards.

The most interesting part of this trip is clearly that with our costumes,every player that cross your road thinks that he must help you because you're tiny and running (even though hogger is 11 and we were 70).
That explains the 10hours of tries :)

Thanks for watching!

(please please please avoid the Filefront stream...).
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