Vaelastrasz by Nilbog - ZE productions by Zombie Entertainment Limited
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Vaelastrasz done by Nilbog in Stormscale EU Horde
By Zombie Entertainment Productions

In cooperation with Zombie Entertainment, Nilbog presents a movie of the Vaelastrasz the corrupt fight. Vaelastrasz is a different than any other fight in World of Warcraft, probably the most unique fight in the game thus far. Once you enter his room, Nefarius is enslaving and punishing Vaelastrasz which results in him having just 30% health as soon as the fight starts. Though the 30% is about one and a half million hp, it still puts him into the execute range of the warriors quite swiftly.

Another unique feature of him is that he puts a buff that lasts three minutes on everyone in the raid that gives them an extremely fast regeneration of mana, rage and energy. However, not all his abilities are of our advantage, he constantly does an area of effect damage on the entire raid as well as putting a debuff on certain people that lasts for 20 seconds and during that time it decreases the max hp, doubles the damage output of the target, makes all spells instacast but when the 20 seconds ends it blows the target up, killing him and doing damage to nearby players. As you can imagine, when the main tank gets that debuff it becomes quite nasty unless you handle the aggro correctly, something you will see a good example of in the movie as it features the point of view of our main tank, Tanari..
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