Unmercey 4 Turning Back Time by Unmercey
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Dragonmaw ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
Greetings! The download quality is much higher than the streaming quality. So if quality is your biggest concern you might wanna download it. However I do warn you that its nearly 800MB. After spending almost 2 months getting my renataki, I decided to begin working on another pvp video. This might be my last video because I'm going back to China next week for work.

I actually spent time editing the video this time. I also added something that might be new into this video (just a little something to make the video more entertaining). I wanted the video to feel like pre bc. So I decided to change my armor to deathdealer (level 60 gear) and poison proc in some scenes. This video is half world PVP and half BG with no arena scenes.

Spec I used: 41-20-0 54-0-7 41-0-20 Mutilate
Because this spec is not really effective in CCing opponents (prep, shs rogues). My playing style will be very different compared to my last video. This video I focused more on surviving and saving my CDs until I need them. So you might not see alot of CD abusing.

There are four 1v1 duels against a shadowpriest, shadowspect rogue, 2 MS warriors, and an ice mage:

Zerolimite - Shadow priest: 10941 HP 425 Resilience
Bonjo - Shadowstep rogue: 11114 HP 411 Resilience 1749 ATK power 32.46% Crit
Kenndo - MS warrior: 12793 HP 399 Resilience 1700 ATK power
Wooticus - MS warrior: 12676 HP 403 Resilience 1689 ATK Power
Terrorwave - Ice mage: 10353 HP 416 Resilience

All opponents outgeared me by quite alot:
My current gear - 2/5 Vengeful 3/5 Gladiator 10494 HP 1247 ATK power 28.92 crit

I would like to thank my guild and friends for supporting me the whole time. Also thank the viewers for watching my videos and giving me comments and constructive criticisms. I hope you enjoy this video. Have fun!

Link: http://files.filefront.com/unmercey4turningbacktime/;10012660;/fileinfo.html .
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