Sacrolash killed first - The Eredar Twins by Celissa
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Kazzak ( Misery )
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First movie showing the tactic for killing Lady Sacrolash first at the Eredar Twins encounter in Sunwell Plateau.

UPDATE: I took my time and wrote a guide about this kill order, if you want to know the fight in detail!
It can be found here:

The tactic pretty much makes it a tank and spank (and heal your ass off) tactic, with the same result as Vodka had with their world first kill this way, one more epic and four sunmotes.

Vortex brings you world second kill in this order, although its nowhere near the speed of top guilds, you might want to check this out to get your hands on that extra epic and sunmotes every reset...

Also, for those that have killed them the normal way and want more encounters, killing them the other way around will perhaps offer a semi-new encounter, something more to do even if its not much.

Double povs this time, Wardy (shadow priest) and Celissa (affliction lock). Yes I know, we do pretty much the same shit, but no one else care to fraps.

Both of us had some parts of our clips corrupted for some reason, but we were lucky enough to have Wardys clips working when mine were broken, and the other way around. This gave me no choice regarding when I show what pov, but we got the full movie atleast. Everything should be visible i nthe fight when it comes to positioning, conflagrate spots and so on.

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